about us

Bamba was founded in 2020, a year that none of us expected or will forget anytime soon. A year that has been filled with lots of highs, lows, challenges and learnings. But if we were to reflect on one key learning that we have taken away from this rollercoaster year – it is to simply slow down.

Bamba was born out of the desire to create beautiful products for the modern family. From choosing conscious materials to carefully picking out a subtle colour palette – we wanted to create a range that can be enjoyed for years to come.

We are focussed on a few core principles to influence positive change in our daily lives, our products & our business -  

    1. Quality over quantity
    2. Conscious purchasing
    3. Simple swaps to reduce waste

As the age old saying goes – big things happen when you do the little things right. So, let's focus on the little things.

We hope you love bamba as much as we do - we can't wait to see where this journey takes us.